if you’re not white and cute, don’t hit on me.

but bro you’re black. wtf

lol my friend just pointed this out and i wanna know what does me being black have to do with me wanting only white people to hit me up? that statement was ignorant as hell. like i said my preference is mainly white but i do like other races depending on personality.. i don’t feeling like arguing again but i forgot to put this part of my thoughts up lol

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i wish people would realize that the government is blinding and killing us without us even knowing, like this shit is crazy. they want us to believe that terrorist did 9/11, they distract us with celebrities and tv so they brainwash us. they poison our food with gmo’s and other toxics. they put fluoride in some of our toothpaste and foods, i’m actually kind of intimated and nervous to live in this country to be honest because there’s nothing we can really do.

fenixed: lmfao that dude messaging you wears a tribal print t-shirt and some unflattering baggy jeans, calls that a "look"

lmao exactly! last time i checked i don’t dress like a bum but i’m sleep.

xiiuld: Love you life & tumblr 😃

thank you!!

arrogantkanye: u aint shit. stop jocking my look

lmao who are you? i don’t even follow you my nigga. you’ve been following me since i made a tumblr sucking my dick and now i’m jocking your style? boy fucking bye. what do you even look like?!